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The Jewish genocide committed by the Russian Imperial Army during WWI was the beginning of the Europe-wide slaughter of Jews during WWII commonly referred to as the Holocaust.


The book -- KHURBM 1914 - 1922. Prelude to the Holocaust. The Beginning -- is the first English-language collection of the most important eyewitness testimonies about this genocide and Russian Army orders of persecution. 

The book is available at, Amazon, and other booksellers.

A serious general reader may benefit by purchasing a less expensive version at


If you teach courses that may benefit from the use of the documents and eyewitness testimonies from the first genocide -- now almost completely forgotten -- of the 20th century Europe (or you wish to review the book), we'd be glad to make available to you a digital edition of the book.  


To receive your free digital copy (free printed copies are available for reviewers), email us indicating the titles of your courses and institutions where you’ll be teaching them at 

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